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7x12 The Suit on the Set, Part I

I know I haven't posted for a long time but I had some more icons on my computer and decided to share it with you guys. These are from Bones' 7x12 The Suit on the Set. It's part 1 because I plan on doing some more. Now enjoy these 27 icons and feel free to take them, but please in that case at least leave a comment :)
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A Hole in My Heart, Part III

Okay, this is the last post from this episode.  I tried to be really thorough, and I tried not to skip any moment. The final batch has 35 icons, making the total amount to 165. Honestly hope you like these ones too and please feel free to take any or comment. It always makes happy to see the comments saying you like my work :)
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A Hole in My Heart, Part II

It has been a long time since I've posted here. I know. Months actually. But I had some issues the past months which are now solved, so I'm back :) I brought you 60 new icons from the heart-crushing episode of Bones, The Hole in the Heart. Hope you all going to like them :) And feel free to take any, or comment. Comments, you know, are always appreciated ;) And there will be another set from this episode, to cover the whole forty-some minute.


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A Hole in My Heart

Exactly. The Hole in the Heart episode of Bones literally caused a hole in my heart. I really loved Vincent, he was my favourite squintern! It was soo bad to see him go! :(
Anyway, I decided to make icons from the episode, and this is the first part. 70 icons.
Hope you all enjoy them, and feel free to take any, but please credit. Thanks! :)

[1-70] Bones, 6x22 The Hole in the Heart
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Happy New Year Everyone!

Haven't been online since last December, sorry for that! But I brought you 60 amazing new Bones icons, made from one of my favourite episode, 1x09 The Man in the Fallout Shelter, everyone's favourite Christmas episode on the show :) Hope you gonna like them! There will be other posts from this episode later, since these are only taken from the episode's first 13 minutes! ^^
Feel free to take any, but please credit! (not a must, but would be nice ^^)

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The Doctor in the Photo

Today is BONES Day! Yay!! This is going to be the best eppy so far! So I have decided to make some icons from the longer promo :)
Hope you gonna like this 50 icons I am about to post, the first part is from certain events Emily Deschanel attended with 2 pieces of David Boreanaz, and from 15 till 50 they are from the promo I have already mentioned above.
Have fun and feel free to comment! There are some text free icons, you can take them and add your own text to it, but please credit me! Thanks!
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Strip it to the Bone(s)

Okay it has been a long month for me, and today I finally had time to make my new icons, so I'm gonna post them right now^^
[1-60] Bones 6x01 The Mastodon in the Room
[61-80] Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz /various photoshoots/

You know, as always, comments are pretty much appreciated and credit if you take any. Thanks!
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First Picspam Ever :)

I guess the title says it all. I have seen quite a few picspams in the last weeks, and decided to give it a try. This one is just a part of my 3x14 The Wannabe in the Weeds picspam, but I wanted to share first this part :)
Hope you'll like it ^^

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Obsession, Part II.

And yes, I am officially back with the second part of my icons from Bones eppy The Wannabe in the Weeds.
Hope you like this part too and of course, as always, comments are very much appreciated ^^
[1-83] Bones 3x14 The Wannabe in the Weeds
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